Disability Insurance and Bad Faith Litigation

In today’s economic climate, many disability insurance companies are merging, facing pressure to reduce reserves or going out of business altogether. Unfortunately, this creates incentives for  unscrupulous companies to terminate or deny legitimate claims. Indeed, the administration and termination of high-dollar claims remains a billion-dollar business.  Insurers unfortunately continue to lob a seemingly endless barrage of obstacles at claimants, including: (1) video surveillance; (2) unannounced interviews; (3) in-house medical evaluations; (4) defense medical exams; (5) financial and insurance audits; (6) re-evaluation of answers on application forms; and (7) investigations of prior litigation and board complaints, as well as a wide variety of other tactics, all aimed at increasing their bottom line. 

While these expertly planned obstacles exist, they can be overcome. We offer powerful strategies for healthcare and business professionals whose insurance companies have wrongfully denied their claims or attempted to stop paying benefits.  Litigating and resolving insurance bad-faith claims requires not only knowledge of the complexities of the underlying substantive law, but a recognition of the tactics employed by key participants in the disability insurance industry.  Knowledge of our opponents’ strengths, weaknesses and litigation styles has proven to be extremely beneficial to our clients, earning us a national reputation for results in this industry.

At Comitz | Beethe, we are selective, taking only the few cases that are the right fit. Accordingly, we are able to devote substantial time, resources and energy to each case.  We are not afraid of a challenge and often help clients with legitimate claims whom others have turned away. We are exceptionally creative thinkers who solve our clients’ problems with ingenuity, insight and resolve.  In the face of what may seem insurmountable challenges, our attorneys help shift the existing balance of power dramatically.

For detailed information on the disability insurance claims process and this practice area within the firm, please visit: www.disabilitycounsel.net.