At Comitz | Beethe, our focus is on winning for our clients through the development and execution of studied, meticulously considered strategies. We encourage the sharing of ideas and information in a collaborative, collegial environment fostered by mutual trust. After years spent practicing in large regional, national and international firms, our attorneys have learned how to focus discovery and develop themes that will make a difference at trial. We do not spend time on activities that build up hours but are unlikely to contribute to a successful outcome. Instead, we focus on optimizing results at every stage of the case, analyzing risks and benefits, and moving forward in a sophisticated and relentless manner.

Our attorneys have distinguished academic records, are involved in the community and are committed to success. We seek applicants with the motivation, intellect and personality it takes to uphold our reputation for performing outstanding legal work and obtaining results.

Our firm has been recognized and Ranked #1 for Best Workplace Culture among Arizona law firms in the 2018 edition of Ranking Arizona Magazine, publisher of Arizona’s largest annual business poll. We’ve earned this distinction by giving our attorneys hands-on opportunities and responsibility early in their careers, including participation in the management and administration of the firm.  For those who fit within our firm’s unique atmosphere, we offer the opportunity to flourish in a relaxed environment among smart, dedicated attorneys. We work hard, but also understand the importance of balancing our careers with our lives outside of the office. We know that attorneys are most productive when they keep time for family, friends and recreation.

Comitz | Beethe is committed to growth and development of the legal community that reflects the rich diversity that surrounds us. We believe that diversity in backgrounds, experiences and ideas enriches our lives and enhances the quality of our work. Our firm is committed to the recruitment, development and advancement of qualified attorneys without discrimination based upon sex, age, color, national origin, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, or marital, parental or veteran status.

Comitz | Beethe welcomes applicants who wish to work in a professional environment built around finding creative, thoughtful solutions to what may appear as insurmountable challenges. Attorneys seeking a position with the firm should send a resume and cover letter to Edward O. Comitz, Esq. at


“There are so many reasons why I enjoyed my summer working with Comitz | Beethe.  I was excited to be assigned engaging projects on real matters from the first day.  The opportunity to develop my professional acumen with marketing and firm strategy projects was unique and rewarding.  The projects could be challenging, but I was afforded the time, resources, and feedback to complete tasks and mature my legal and professional skills.  The attorneys thoroughly explained projects and provided extensive case background information so I could engage with the issues, develop and ask questions about the case or project, and produce quality work.  If we were working with a legal concept that was unfamiliar to me, they explained basic concepts to guide further research.  What struck me most was that the attorneys at Comitz | Beethe are commensurately passionate and considerate individuals who treat everyone, from clients to opposing counsel to staff and so on, with the utmost respect.  I am happy to have developed relationships here that I expect to continue throughout my professional career.”

Trevor Wainfeld, 2019 Summer Associate

Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, ASU

Staff Writer, Arizona State Law Journal

Willard H. Pedrick Scholar


When I was looking for a summer position, I was really hoping to find a firm that valued high-quality work, where I would have a chance to work on meaningful projects.  I also wanted to find a place where I could spend my time focusing on cases, and not worry about the internal politics and power dynamics that take place in many firms.  When I first started working at Comitz | Beethe, I was impressed by how well everyone got along and how everyone’s opinion was valued.  We met to discuss case strategy on a regular basis, and I was surprised when I was invited to attend one of these strategy meetings with all of the attorneys (including the partners) on my very first day.  I was given a wide variety of assignments, and ended up working on several complex motions and other court filings over the course of the summer, which allowed me to hone my legal research and writing skills in a real-world setting, and with the invaluable input of exceptional attorneys.  The attorneys at Comitz | Beethe also took the time to explain the practical aspects of law, including client generation, and I had the opportunity to sit in on client meetings and calls with opposing counsel, which allowed me to get a better and more complete understanding of everything that practicing law entails.  I enjoyed working with everyone so much that I decided to stay on and work through the school year and ultimately was offered an associate position at the firm, which I gladly accepted.

Derek Funk, 2014 Summer Associate
Associate Attorney, Comitz | Beethe, PLLC, October 2015 - Present
Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, ASU, cum laude
Articles Editor, Arizona State Law Journal
Willard H. Pedrick Scholar


“Comitz | Beethe is an outstanding place to work. Throughout the summer the attorneys trusted me with meaningful responsibilities and challenged me to produce legal work of exceptional quality. They refined my legal writing and taught me how to think and work strategically. They gave me practical skills that will make me a successful legal advocate. This experience truly has been the highlight of my legal education.”

Chase Haslam, 2012 Summer Associate
Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, ASU, cum laude
Arizona State Law Journal
Willard H. Pedrick Scholar
Judicial Law Clerk, U.S. District Court, District of Arizona


“What makes Comitz | Beethe such a great place to work is its people. Everyone is exceptionally gifted in what they do, but their collective success is due to the current of passion that flows throughout the firm—relentless determination to achieve the maximally successful outcome for each and every client. The resulting atmosphere is highly productive but also friendly and egalitarian. I was encouraged on projects to exercise my own creativity and judgment, and I felt that my ideas were valued in determining strategy. There were also unique opportunities to observe and work in managerial areas of law practice, including marketing, that are simply not taught in law school. With each project, I received both helpful feedback and progressively increasing responsibilities. After working with such exceptionally talented attorneys on practical, real-world assignments, my summer has truly been a transformative legal experience.”

Michael Vincent, 2011 Summer Associate
Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, ASU, magna cum laude
Associate Editor, Jurimetrics Law Journal
Executive Moot Court Board
Willard H. Pedrick Scholar
Judicial Law Clerk, U.S. District Court, District of Arizona
Judicial Law Clerk, Arizona Supreme Court


“Working at Comitz | Beethe has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my law school career. From my first day, I was challenged with projects that required me to work creatively and think beyond the traditional legal process. While many of my classmates sat in cubicles writing memos all summer, I was invited to participate in strategy meetings and offer my own insight. Being able to work so closely with exceedingly sharp, experienced attorneys showed me what it means to be passionate and results-oriented, and their constant feedback was invaluable to my practical education.”

Karla Baker, 2009 & 2010 Summer Associate
Associate Attorney, Comitz | Beethe, PLLC, August 2011 - June 2016 
William & Mary School of Law
William & Mary Law Review
William & Mary Moot Court Team
Merit Scholar